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Best Baby Skin Care Products in Australia

Welcome to Aussie Critters, Australia’s leading specialists in baby wash, baby shampoos and other products designed for the little critters at home.

As a parent, the health and safety of their critters matter a great deal, which is why we’re proud to offer an exciting range of products for the little ones who mean a great deal to mums and dads. These products are leading the market in interesting ways and transforming how parents use them for their children. What does this mean?

Aussie Made and Owned 4 in 1 Baby Wash

Heads, shoulders, knees and toes. No, that’s not a nursery rhyme. That’s the slogan. These products can be used all over the body. They are unique, safe, and entirely Australian. It’s owned, operated, and fabricated by Australians, for Australian kids.


What makes these baby shampoo natural products unique?

For starters, it’s refreshing to see a product that’s made by Aussies for Aussies. Most baby products on the shelves these days come from faraway lands, where they don’t know what the average Australian Mum and Dad cares about when buying baby wash or baby shampoo. Natural products are used to formulate this entire body wash for the critters of all sizes.  It can be utilised as a hand wash, a body, an organic shampoo, and bubble bath. Our exception is the menthol bubble bath, designed to provide soothing relief to the bubs suffering from nasty colds and sniffles.

As an Australian first, these products are made from entirely natural products, keeping harmful chemicals and toxins out of the home. In another distinction rarely seen in Australian baby shampoos and washes, Aussie Critters does not contain any palm oil. Palm oil is harvested through destructive means, destroying the natural habitats for Orangutans for an additive that can easily be replaced by other sustainable means. Our products are chemical free, safe, non toxic, contains no nasties, vegan and are low allergenic.

Baby Bubble Bath

When giving your little critter a bath, they like to soak in there for extended amounts of time. It’s fun and exciting to splash water and have some nappy-free time. Unfortunately, in a conventional baby wash, that means that the body’s largest organ, the skin, is exposed to chemicals that are absorbed into the body. Read the bottle of a non-organic baby wash and see if the average person can pronounce half the ingredients in there.

The bubbles are formed from coconuts and sugar. There are no added sulphates, colours, perfumes, Paraben preservatives, silicones or nut oil. It’s an extremely gentle product that can be used on the head, the shoulders, the knees and the toes of any Aussie critter. Each bottle also comes with a different Aussie critter on the side to make bath time more fun for the little ones.

If you’d like, protect your little critters, by adding these Aussie Critters to your cart and safeguarding them against the nasty chemicals and toxins that are a part of the average home.