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Keeping Chemicals out of The Little One’s Bath Matters!

When it comes to keeping babies healthy and happy, moms and dads all throughout Australia have started to realise one critical thing: keeping chemicals out of their bath and skincare products matters!

While it seems like baby products should be the definition of clean, gentle, and safe, this is often the opposite of the truth. In fact, many baby products contain more dangerous chemicals and toxins than lotions, shampoos, and lathers made for adults.


Why Chemicals Don’t Belong in Baby Products

Most people have heard the saying “as soft as a baby’s butt,” and parents who have kids know exactly how accurate this allusion is! Babies and young kids have incredibly fresh, soft, sensitive skin, and the irritants and chemicals in many bath products can easily irritate that skin, leading to itching, swelling, and even troublesome skin conditions.

What’s more, kids put everything in their mouths, and ingesting these products or getting them into a sensitive eye can quickly turn into a trip to the hospital.


How Aussie Critters is Changing the Game

Aussie Critters believes that any product designed for babies and young children should be pure, safe, and multi-purpose.

As such, all the products produced in this line are created from natural materials. In addition to keeping all harmful and dangerous chemicals out of the home, this also ensures that each product in the line (except the menthol bubble bath) can be used as a hand wash, a body lather, a bubble bath, and even shampoo!


Keep the Little Critters Safe with Chemical-Free Products

As manufacturers of household products have moved to make their goods more shelf-stable and easier to produce, it’s often come at the cost of the safety of said products. Today, most child-care shampoos and body washes have toxins in them most people would never knowingly bring into their home!

Fortunately, it’s easy for parents to keep their little ones and the environment safe by shopping for responsible, naturally-based products that don’t feature the chemicals, toxins, and dangerous substances as so many of their counterparts.


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