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Organic Skin Care for Babies: How to Care for Your Baby Every Day

Many parents now (including the new ones) are becoming aware about organic skin care for babies. That’s because nasty chemicals cause harm to everyone.

Adults (who have fully developed bodies and brains) avoid harsh chemicals especially on their skin. These cause irritations and possibly other health effects.

These effects are magnified to the babies. They’re in the crucial stage of their development. Nasty chemicals can easily enter their bloodstream and affect their brains and bodies.

What are you going to do then to care for your baby? The quick and long-term solution is by using natural baby skin care products.

How to know if the baby products are natural and organic?

Many parents ask that question. After all, they want to ensure the safety of their babies.

The answer is you look at the label and see if the product contains substances that are hard to pronounce (or chemically sounding). These include Parabens, sulphates and silicones.

Next is determine if the product is extremely gentle to baby skin. This is crucial because baby’s skin is still sensitive. From head to toes, the body wash product must be friendly to your baby’s skin.

It contains palm oil, what should I do?

It may be safe. However, it’s also about the environment. Harvesting palm oil may require destroying the natural habitat of orangutans and other animals. It destroys the ecosystem balance and it’s not sustainable.

That’s why our baby skin care products at Aussie Critters contain no palm oil. We want to build a sustainable business that care for the babies and at the same time protect the environment.

Organic skin care for babies

Going natural in baby wash products is the ideal way. You give your baby the right start because he or she only encounters gentle and natural products.

If you need this type of bath product for your baby, you can order online today. At Aussie Critters, we can provide you 4 in 1 baby wash products that are safe and natural.

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