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How Traditional Bath Products are Destroying the Environment

While it might seem as if a product like bubble bath is relatively innocent, many health, wellness, and beauty products currently on the market are having disastrous effects on the environment. From using stabilizers harvested from precious wildlife habitats to using sulphates to make soaps create a rich lather, there are dozens of ways traditional bath product manufacturers are harming the world by creating their products. Fortunately, consumers who are aware of this can make different purchasing decisions.


The Biggest Culprits in Traditional Bath Products

Two of the most dangerous and damaging components in traditional bath products are sulphates and palm oil. Sodium laureth sulphate is common in cosmetics, shampoo, and soap. The chemical acts as a foaming agent and gives traditional bubble baths their rich lather, for example. Unfortunately, sulphates contain probable carcinogens and don’t biodegrade easily, causing them to build up in waterways and harm wildlife.

The other major environmental hazard in traditional bath products is palm oil. Found in approximately half of all the goods consumers purchase, palm oil is a problem because of its profoundly unsustainable collection requirements. Oil palm plantations deforest sensitive orangutan habitat and release toxic smoke (thanks to the required landscape fires) that kill more than 100,000 people throughout Southeast Asia on a yearly basis.

While palm oil can be harvested sustainably, this often isn’t the case, and consumers who are looking to route around this common additive will need to find a company that either does not use palm oil in its products or gets its palm oil from responsible sources.


Protecting the Environment Starts in the Bath

While figuring out what to do to help save the environment is a tall order, most consumers don’t realise that it might be as simple as beginning to purchase different bath products. Self-care products like shampoos and bubble baths are some of the most prominent sources of these environmentally-damaging compounds, and choosing to shop with a company that is eco-friendly and environmentally conscious in their production practices is a great first step to giving the environment a helping hand.


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